The Love Academy

Love Academy

The Love Academy as an international recognized university college and part of the Connection University for Advanced Erotology. In our academy we train various talented professionals that in turn will educate and coach people towards more healthiness and happiness in their intimate, loving relationships and will assist people in developing their autonomous sexuality.

By initiating this 21st century educational institute, that is a true ambassador for the reconnection of love, sex and intimacy on the highest possible level of our consciousness and our existence, we hope to contribute to a better and more peaceful world, where people live connected with themselves, their loved ones, their social surrounding and nature, taking full responsibility for their actions.

Professional Specialisms

The love Academy will educate its student in the profession of sexual intimate healing expressed in several professional specializations.

All students start with an introduction year: the professional training program for Sacred (Sexual) Intimate (Practitioners and AD level) which is a 1st academic year diploma program. Students who complete this program become an all-round intimate / sexual body oriented coach. The course is suitable for professionals who deal in their professional practice much with questions about sexuality and intimacy and are ready for a physical (hands-on and body-on) approach, but also for those who are ready to make a profession out of their passion, “loving and conscious touch “.

We also created an elementary training program to become Sexual and Intimate Caretaker (Practitioners level) (The last professional group as mentioned above can be defined as intimate hands-on and body-on practitioners that are trained to work with non-partnered or single disabled and chronically ill people, providing these clients and or patients with intimate, erotic and sexual services on a regular basis. Considering the highest standards of professional integrity.)


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