Terms & Conditions

Payment Conditions

Payment of tuition will be always in advance. Timely payment is no later than one month in advance of a course or curriculum program. Individual courses need to be paid no later than three working days before the first lesson, training or instruction is planned.

Timely payment of tuition needs to be met at any time to be allowed into a curriculum program, course module or individual a la Carte course / curriculum.

Refund policy of earlier paid tuition

In case a student quits studies or instruction hours during the academic year, there will be no refund of earlier paid tuition, whatever circumstances.

uk.edubirdie illegalIn case of serious illness or other serious personal circumstances, a student will have a fair chance to catch up with the missed courses the following academic year.

Deferment of Studies

Deferment of study is granted only in case of serious illness, death of a family member, divorce or other serious urgent personal matters. A student needs to apply in writing (email is accepted) a.s.a.p. for deferment of studies in case of study delay at the Connection Academy Examination Board, Head of Studies and the Student Counselor. The board, Head of Studies and Student Counselor will decide if deferment of studies is granted.

The decision concerning deferment of studies or suspension is binding and cannot be appealed against.

Forced Suspension

In case the Student Counselor and the Head of Education decides in a given concrete situation that a student cannot continue studies for grounded and serious reasons, the student will be suspended from the program or training and for an indefinite or definite period removed from the institute.

Against this strict measure no appeal is possible and also no reclaim of earlier paid tuition. The decision concerning definite or indefinite suspension is binding and cannot be appealed against.

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