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Tara Long

Hello, I am Dr. Tara Long, I have been educated as a professional dancer, choreographer, dance and movement scientist, neuropsychologist and clinical sexologist. Languages spoken: Dutch, English, German, French, Russian & Italian (fair).
I am a Dutch citizen, live and work in The Netherlands, Amsterdam area. I am married to Peter and proud to be a mother of two wonderful daughters Charlotte and Tosca (9 and 7 years old).
I am a mentor, trainer and sex educator for adults, who want to enrich their sexual, intimate and relational scope, connect more profoundly to their sexual energy and develop their sexual, creative potential with greater awareness and joy.

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In my private practice, I accept adult clients (18+) of all ages, genders and sexual orientation. I am highly analytical, however also highly intuitive in my work, body- and spiritual intelligent. I create an atmosphere of warmth, care, empathy and trust with clients of various ages, issues and genders.
As an international lecturer and sexuality educator, I work from a transpersonal and integral perspective. I love to share my knowledge of western and eastern sexuality, my rich embodied sexual experience, my blissful energy, and last but not least my love. My pragmatic and effective methods and training programs are well-known throughout Europe.
I have been working as tantra teacher, a sex-coach, a sex surrogate and supervising therapist, since 2000. The last five years I co-operated with SSPT expert David Brown (United Kingdom) and sexual shaman Ray Stubbs, Ph.D. (United States).
In 2011, I was appointed to become the Dean of the Connection University for Advanced Erotology & Integral sexology, (www.theconnectionuniversity.com). The Connection University trains various talented professionals that in turn will educate and coach people towards more healthiness and happiness in their intimate, loving relationships and will assist people in developing their autonomous sexuality.
By initiating this 21st century educational institute, that is a true ambassador for the reconnection of love, sex and intimacy on the highest possible level of our consciousness and our existence, we hope to contribute to a better and more peaceful world, where people live (re)connected with themselves, with their loved ones, with their social surrounding and with nature itself, taking full responsibility for their (love) actions.
My extensive experience and training includes:
Shamanic training and initiation, spiritual healing and sexuality, since 1994
Tantric education and initiation, Tibetan Healing, since 1996
Surrogate Partner Therapy in the western medical model, as a complementary form of therapy providing sexual initiations, sexual de-blocking / de-armoring and sexual healing, since 2003
Thousands of individual sessions with singles and couples, since 2000
Group sessions, master-classes, lectures on Integral Sexology, classical Erotology and Tibetan Tantra, since 2000

My motto:
Experiencing sexual intimacy and physical love is a human right, is God’s gift to mankind and one of the greatest presents you can offer yourself. Choose for abundance, happiness, intimacy and true connection now! Let your life become fully orgasmic and creative, make use of your sexual energy and capacity. Live it to the MAX!
The Services I Offer
I provide programs ranging from private coaching sessions, phone and Skype consultations, sexual and relationship therapy, surrogacy trajectories.
Seminars, master-classes, one-day programs, women’s programs, masturbation classes for women and men, retreats and intensives.

Kunye Tibetaanse Massage Technieken / vakethiek / overdracht - tegenoverdracht & taakemoties / Sexual Tao System / Integrale en Transpersoonlijke seksuologie / gezondheidsfilosofie (mentor / supervisor)

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