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Study a la Carte: Tailor Made Curricula

Preferably, some students are looking for tantric studies according to a tailor made (individual) curriculum.

In the a la Carte learning system only experienced tantric practitioners are allowed!

In the a la Carte International curriculum students are free to compose their individual curriculum with at least six tantric courses. These can be internal courses and external courses. A la carte students also have to attend one master-class.

Background of the a la Carte Curriculum

Two years ago the Rasayana staff considered, if we could meet the individual needs of our students. Therefore, we have also consulted with the accrediting bodies. The accrediting offices allowed us to introduce a pilot of three years, after which this dynamic study system called ‘a la Carte Study Program’ will be evaluated.

The dynamic ‘a la Carte’ system is set up in compliance and cooperation with the University of Leiden, The Netherlands. Leiden University has already some years of experience with this system and the teaching staff is very satisfied with the results. Especially, where it relates to adult students, who already have completed some education or have sufficient professional experience.

Benefits of this dynamic, tailor made learning system

The student may choose within the offered curriculum 6 major subjects, which the student assists to achieve the desired professional level . The individual learning path and program will be discussed and approved by the student counselor and The University Dean.
The other advantage of the ‘ a la Carte’ study system for the student is that this system follows a curriculum that integrates seamlessly with the individual wishes and personal needs of the individual student .
Every student can enroll any time of the year and start the program on his or her own level. The student can study and graduate in his or her own pace. Students may complete the 1st year in one year, two years or even three years.


However, every year the student pays their college fees (€ 2500,-) for the new academic year.

At the end of each academic year the student can apply for a (trial) exam . The independent examination commission assesses whether the student has passed and possibly may be referred to the next level of education, provided of course that the student aspires that next level.
Training for a ( AD, BA or Master) degree a student may use up to three years to achieve the required level. However, the student can work also much faster and achieve the degree in one year, depending on the personal and professional baggage that the student arrives with in our education program.

The challenges of an experimental learning system for students
We expect the ‘ à la Carte ‘ student has an independent working and study attitude. The student is fully prepared and responsible to take care of his / her own academic progress and personal well-being and development. The student counselor of the academy holds the study results of the ” à la Carte ” student, gives advices and adjusts where necessary and desirable the individual curriculum for the student.

Every student should be able to blossom in its own rights.

Individual approval of the ‘à la Carte’ curriculum

Furthermore, the student’s individual learning program / curriculum will be sent to the school administrator and Dean to be approved. It may be the case that for some (partial) subjects a student needs to perform an aptitude test ( practically or theoretically) first, before a dispensation is granted for that particular subject.
Please Note: For the student who will study the ‘a la Carte system’, it is important to remember that all learning material in the compulsory curriculum should be known, even if the student received dispensation for a certain subject. All the subjects of the 1st year curriculum can be part of the final exam, whether the student studied these subjects in our academy, or elsewhere.

Possibility to switch to the Classroom (Regular) System for the a la Carte student

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