Tantra lights our soul, expands our consciousness, our body, and enriches our love. Tantra makes us research and fundamentally grasp our deepest intentions and desires. Tantra lets us play with our desires, lets us be creative and open, full of passion and surrender until the moment all our desires and intentions are balanced and we become Stillness. Tantra becomes then irrevocably the Now.

Dr. Tara Long

The traditional tantric traditions find their origins in Asian and Eastern Cultures. It is known by old Buddhist and Hindu (Vedic) scriptures that 5000 years ago spiritual masters were concerned with subjects like sexuality, spirituality and procreation.

Tantric masters like Osho, Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Margot Anand and others have put tantra to the attention to westerners in the 20th century. They done so with great success. From this different visions and methods emerged, all under the name of Neo-Tantra. This is how we call the modern tantra, to indicate that it has had its own separate influences and development apart from the classical or traditional Eastern tantric traditions.

In Neo-Tantra tantric exercises and concepts are used to let the western human reconnect and experience intimacy in her/his sexual and loving relationships. More and more western couples search for a tantric deepening in the relationship by tantric training and exercises. Besides this western Tantra stimulates spiritual awareness and growth of the individual.

Tantra in its broadest way, is about life itself with all its opposite forces and resistance that we have to learn to unite in our human existence. Tantra in Tibetan also means ‘to weave’. We weave our life into an artistic and unique whole. Besides this Tantra is about finding balance between the godly(spiritual), emotional, sensual and earthly in our existence.

Tantra in essence also means extension or even enlightenment by practicing awareness of our consciousness. Tantra also is about the unification of the female and male parts in ourselves and our partner. We are able to have more life strength and joy if we have made conscious and experienced our vital life energies. Tantra therefore is for many practitioners about living a life of the highest love.

Tantra in the west is often seen as a new exotic series of techniques to find more enjoyment and ecstasy out of sex. While the original function of tantra is a spiritual practice to free the self from sexual obsession and needs and in the end to end suffering and reach enlightenment.

Geurtz, J. (Buddhist Teacher)

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