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Tantra (group) trainer

Part-time diploma course Tantra (group) trainer (Bachelor degree)
The Curriculum

Hereunder a selection of compulsory curriculum 1st year courses , electives ( free-space ) and master-classes by international guest lecturers and tantric experts.
The 1st year curriculum courses

  1. Tantric professional ethics
  2. Therapeutic communication : transference – counter-transference
  3. Anatomy & physiology
  4. Hygiene and Practice
  5. Various ( tantric ) massage techniques including Neo – Tantra and KumNye Massage, Ayurvedic Massage
  6. Sexual Tao
  7. Classical tantra, veda and tantra history
  8. Yoga & Meditation
  9. Energetics
  10. Integral / transpersonal sexology

The subjects burgundy colored should in principle be attended by each student , unless the student can clearly demonstrate that this knowledge is fully known and ample integrated already into the professional practice of the student.

Already, It is possible to choose two electives (subjects) in your spare study room. This is not mandatory, but optional.

For the year 2015/2016 , the regular and ‘a la Carte student’, 1st grade ( AD-degree tantra masseur / tantric practitioner / body-worker) may choose from the following electives .
Electives 2015/2016

(maximum 2 electives per student )

  1. Tandava dance and Kashmiri Tantra
  2. Orgasmic continence techniques for men and ejaculation techniques for women
  3. Introduction into sexual reflexology
  4. Tantric rituals and tantric communication
  5. Kundalini Yoga
  6. Buddhist meditation / dynamic forms
  7. Massage Design for the individual client based on holistic diagnostics
  8. Internal Branding and ( e )-marketing practices of tantra / tantric schools .

Master-classes will be announced in our academic-year-program 

The regular 1st year Curriculum

In the regular international curriculum the students chooses eight different subjects from the down list as offered in a particular academic year.

This list will always offer various subjects such as: Tantric Massages Courses (neo tantric and classical style), Tantra Ethics, Tantric Philosophy and Vedic Science, Anatomy & Physiology, Sexual Tao, Energetic Transformation and Anatomy, Tantric Yoga, Meditation, Integral and Transpersonal Sexology, etc..

Every year the institute organizes several master-classes by international recognized tantric experts. Regular students have to attend at least two master-classes and send in their personal reflection reports.

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