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Tantra as a true passion and as a profession

Adam-and-Eve-twinsIn this case you would want to invest time, energy and money. You are really prepared to deepen, learn and explore and to establish a daily tantric discipline and express this attitude to your intimate circle and to the world.

Tantra in Eastern (Asian) cultures is a thousands of years old way of learning and philosophy in which tantric masters educate their students on their path to enlightenment.

Tantra as a therapeutic profession on the contrary is a young and new phenomena, which is introduced in the west in the 20th century by neo-tantric practitioners.

Innovative Teaching: An Integral Transformative Teaching Method

The training at the Rasayana Tantra Academy is taught according to a different methodology. The integral, transformative educational methodology. With this methodology practical experience and theory organically unite into a whole. The knowledge isn’t only offered in theory, but is experienced through the body and is actively practiced. This gives our students the embodied(and spiritualized) knowledge and ability which is necessary to practice this profession for a long time. This education not only challenges the mind, but also the student’s emotional, body and spiritual intelligence. This unique form of education is developed in cooperation with ass. Prof. Jorge N. Ferrer at the California Institute of Integral Studies in the United States.

Applying this teaching methodology, it is consciously avoided that intellectual knowledge is overvalued. Only the last phase of the education (the 4th year, training for tantric scientist), because of the scientific character, can be called “cogni-centric”. But also in this case tantric practice has an important role, because in our institute we pursue “Practical Scholarship”, in which practice and theory have an organic balance and strengthen each other.

To our experience a lot of training in the complementary healthcare and wellness is often offered as a spiritual “fast food model”. With this “fast food model” the training consists of different workshops without a good inter-connection, presenting as a whole. With such training the student has to somehow connect all the loose elements of knowledge to make this into a whole understanding. In our vision such a way of working will not lead to really embodied and thorough knowledge, but will lead to bewilderment and professional vagueness.

With our teaching method we clearly distance ourselves from the model above. Before the start of the Rasayana Academy a period of nearly four years has passed in which staff, teachers and advisors have intensively and thoroughly researched diverse aspects to develop a thorough and integral tantric curriculum. Care is put into connecting to teachers with high professional standards, but also finding a way of educating which optimally prepares the students to the demands of the tantra profession.

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