So what happened to the JFK Killer?

The JFK Killer can be one of many conspiracy theory theories which includes circulated regarding former director John N. Kennedy. Several variations of this particular conspiracy theory have been created and have also become the material of literature, real estate speculations, tv shows and numerous different mediums. Nobody can certainly validate exactly who was responsible for the murder or why, but there are many theories. Some say it was either a Mafia-related struck or perhaps it was carried out by the CIA following Kennedy’s death. Others assume that Lee Harvey Oswald was the assassin in addition to a number of Cuban agents that have been planted inside the crowd during the time of the murder.

Some admit Lee Harvey Oswald is at fact anybody that killed John Farreneheit. Kennedy. Having been supposedly a petty felony who had various run-ins with the law and was included in many different scams to fund his illegal activities. Yet , there are many individuals who still believe that it was Lee Harvey Oswald that pulled the result in and destroyed the president. There were rumors circulating at that moment that claimed that he had Mafia internet connections together many accomplices but zero concrete facts was ever found to guide any of these ideas.

After the fatality of leader John Farreneheit. Kennedy, Barrica became a communist land and the authorities installed a communist master, Fidel Castro. It seems that metric scale system were all set to support Castro’s leadership, trusting that he would bring order and peace to Cuba. That is why so many Americans had been upset when ever Castro took over the US Embassy in https://thejfkconspiracy.com/the-john-kennedy-assassination-by-data-room/ Havana and shut down each of the embassies presently there. Many Americans presumed that Fidel Castro was just another “tycoon” and he was arrogant and had nothing to offer Americans except utter disorder. Many Americans are not happy with his rule and a few went to the streets chanting “Castro Out! inches

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