Process of admission

First, filling out an application / registration form and scheduling a (Skype) interview with the Dean, Dr. Tara Long. Send us an e-mail: and request the student application form.

If a student wishes to enroll for the ‘ à la carte ‘ system, there will be after registration and payment of tuition a comprehensive intake interview with the student counselor to estimate the student’s level and former professional experiences.

During the intake session is discussed what the relevant training and previous professional experience are of the prospect student. Also what the student’s wishes and expectations are about the (‘ à la carte ‘ or regular) tantra-training program. How the student wants to develop professionally eventually, after this training, as a graduate and tantric professional, etc..

Based on this interview and student report, an individual learning plan is designed, aimed, as closely as possible, to the needs and learning goals of the individual student.

We advise all prospect students to take part in an introduction weekend.


School Vaccination Policy

We require all students to be vaccinated against hepatitis B, and also bring a proof of this vaccination. When a student objects to vaccinations he / she must report that in time ( at the beginning of the academic year, or when commencing the course at our school). Extra precautions will be taken.

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