Our Academies

The Connection Academy consist of two sub academies.

The Rasayana Tantra Academy
The education of the Rasayana Tantra academy is broad. Different essential movements and visions about tantra, tantric exercises and tantric massage will be covered. Students will have broad knowledge and abilities when they have successfully completed their tantric education.

Besides this we also teach students therapeutic communication techniques? and methodologies from psychology and sexology to optimally prepare them as tantric therapists. Besides knowledge and skills, the development of a professional attitude and ethics is an important part of the education.


The Love Academy
The Love Academy is the first international accredited training in the field of surrogate partner work and teaches for sexual caregiver (MBO), sexual surrogate partner (therapist), (Bachelor / Master), process coach / mentor surrogate partner therapy (Master), sex-coach or sensuality / intimacy coach (Bachelor).

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