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Men Wave Revolution

-:: W E E K E N D :: DEEP TRANSFORMATION :: FRANCE :: SEPT :: 29 – OKT 1 ::-

Men Wave Revolution

OWN your (personal) Business ! Explore True Male Empowerment

A powerful transformation retreat in a magic classic Chateau location, with excellent and healthy food, especially designed for men!

We kindly invite you to a special retreat in a wonderful location: Florentine Chateau: Chateau St Victor la Coste, for a top-class weekend together with your partner.

The workshop takes place between the 29th September& 1th October of  2017.
We will gather at 11:00 the first day on Friday and we will end on Sunday at 18:00.

Price? Workshop long weekend prices

€ 600,- (early bird) valid until 20th of June 2017 (double room)

€ 700,- regular price (luxurious double bedroom)

€ 500,- dormitory

€ 400,- Bring your own caravan

Included overnight stays in the Chateau, 3 vegetarian meals per day, non alcoholic drinks, coffee / tea and healthy snacks.

Topics & Practices during the weekend

Men Only Retreat


A powerful transformation retreat in a magic classic Chateau location, with excellent and healthy food, especially designed for men!

 A transformation weekend to make you more aware of your energetic strengths and blocks in daily existence. This weekend is a journey on a sensitive cord, exploring a powerful energy allowing yourself to claim more “me-time” and be instantly and deeply connected with your inner-self.

The main focuses in this intensive retreat are working individually and as supportive member of the men group. Engaging fully with your mind, heart, body and soul! Exploring different layers of your consciousness and connecting them with your inner and outer world.

You will learn that intimacy isn’t a luxury, a constant (un)fulfilled desire. However, your sexual energy could / should become an integral part of your everyday life and even imperative for spiritual enlightenment. When you uplift your ecstatic body you will eventually uplift your conscious mind.

 Sexual energy is actually your creative force that keeps us healthy, mentally and physically strong. Being sexually empowered is about living your life fully, being present as a masculine force. The natural male as you were born to be.


The Weekend Structure

Friday: (male) mind & consciousness (12:30 AM – 11:00 PM)

Saturday: male body (10:30 AM – 11:00 PM)

Sunday: true heart / true master lover (10:00 AM – 17:30 PM)

E = exercise and practice T = theory and talk

Day 1

E: Trust & group safety, boundaries

E: Let go the negative and invite the positive

T: Explaining chakra & Kundalini energy

E: 5 rhythm dance

E: Breath control & PC pump

T: Explaining outward sex attitude / inward sex attitude

E: Mirror self image

E: Talk about sexual energy, issues & fantasies

E: Night ritual / meditation

Day 2

T: Trust, compassion & empathy

E: Feelings, observing your true needs

E: Truly expressing yourself

T: Deep inner communication / Yang practice

E: Effective body language for males

E: Breath Control & Body/mind control

T: Yoga as a tool

E: Yoga & Meditation

E: Blindfolded touch & massage blind date

Day 3

T: Male Sexual Reflexology / explaining some crucial pressure points

T: Explaining lingam & prostate

E: Self massage techniques

E: Healing your (sexual) energy

E: Open (group) exploration

E: Group sharing

E: Closing ritual

E: Closure relaxation and contact moments



From whom:

For adult males only > 18, all sexual preferences, and occasional couples.


Teachings will be in English.

Number of participants/students:

Minimum number of participants:  14 Maximum number of participants: 18


Payment & Registration Conditions

Send us an email that you would like to register and with how many people: We send you a registration form with some details and questions. Fill out the form and email it back to our administrator: Elsa Bekker.

After admission:
The Master-Class needs to be paid to the Connection

Bank transfer:
ING Bank
IBAN: NL04 INGB 0004 2118 82
Please do not forget to mention “Men Only Transformation Retreat, Avignon, France”

Your registration and reservation are valid after payment only. You will receive a confirmation per email.

Closing date for registration: 20nd of September 2017


Historic and Beautiful Location in the South of France

chateau1 chateau2 chateau3

Experience a romantic top-class weekend by staying in this most wonderful historic chateau with its romantic bedrooms and bathrooms, a beautifully designed garden, outdoor swimming pool, classic dining room and much more to enjoy and experience. Enjoy the excellent food and lovely hosts!

Chateau St. Victor La Coste

2 Rue de Tour de L’Oume

St. –Victor – La – Coste

Rochefort du Gard

Tel: +33 6 73 23 96 12

For pictures and info look at the FaceBook webpage:

Your Transformation Dream Team

Hein van den Heuvel (The Netherlands)


Studied chemistry at the Institute of Technology and Industrial Design at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. In addition, Facility Management in Wageningen, The Netherlands.

As a personal interest Hein was exploring for years the theoretical aspects of (male) sexuality and intimacy.

For 10 years now he works as a sexological body practitioner and tantra trainer using the integral and transpersonal aspects of sexuality and intimate relationships.

In October 2015 Hein completed the training mentor surrogate partner therapy at the Love Academy, affiliated with the Connection University.

Hein is a Modern-tantra fusion massage specialist. Reiki master, foot reflexology massage therapist and Chi Neng Qigong specialist.

Since October 2010 Hein has been working with the Connection University. First as web designer / web master and PR assistant. Since 9 years as a board member and as a financial and logistics manager at the Rasayana Tantra Academy affiliated with the Connection University.

Hein is married and father of two grown-up children.

Hein adds creativity to professional expertise, strategic insight, entrepreneurship and inspirational coaching. Hein’s strength lies in organizing large and complex projects worldwide.

Siegfried Présent (Belgium)


Siegfried Présent (39 years old) grew up in a family that went for a spiritual journey inside themselves in an environment where self development and growth was supported strongly. Due to the fact that his father and mother both always were very interested in Eastern philosophy, and the spiritual insights that go with it, his father became tai chi teacher and his mom a daily practitioner of shaking, yoga, breathing exercises, and many other alternative ways to deal with issues and find the path to the soul. Nowadays, he lives with his girlfriend in Antwerp.

As Siegfried graduated industrial engineering at Karel De Grote Hogeschool Antwerpen, he grew up in an environment in which religion, spirituality and science cooperated to insight rather than contradict each other. This lead to regular ashram visits and regular trainings to purchase growth and the soul mission.

He graduated cum laude for the first year at the Rasayana Tantra Academy in Tantric group work and individual wellness tantric massage sessions. He also had the first level of the teachers training ancient tantra kriya yoga by Anand Rudra. Siegfried visits an ashram since he is 25 years old, with a purely pranic training called “shaking”, and since the age of 25 Siegfried had been interested in tantra.

He followed several courses such as Swedisch/sports massage (with diploma), shiatsu, chair massage and engaged communication. When he was younger, tantra was rather a way to deal with his own sexuality and intimacy in another way, in a more superficial way. But along the way it became a lot more than that. In the ashram He learned what “process”, “introspection”, “shadow side” and more meant. T

antra became a process on its own, and he discovered he wasn’t really practicing Tantra but discovering what the way to Tantra is. Today he is ready to share his rich body of knowledge and experience.

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