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Master-Class Tibetan Couple Tantra

-:: W E E K E N D :: TIBETAN COUPLE TANTRA :: FRANCE :: SEPT :: 15 – 17 ::-


Tibetan Karezza Techniques

An inspiring, embodied journey towards erotic intimacy transpersonal sexuality & tantric ecstacy.

We kindly invite you to a special retreat in a wonderful location: Florentine Chateau: Chateau St Victor la Coste, for a top-class weekend together with your partner.

The workshop takes place between the 15th & 17th of September 2017.
We will gather at 17:00 the first day on Friday and we will end on Sunday at 18:00.

Price? Workshop long weekend prices

€ 600,- (early bird) valid until 25th of May 2017 (double room)

€ 700,- regular price (luxurious double bedroom)

€ 500,- dormitory

€ 400,- Bring your own caravan

Included overnight stays in the Chateau, 3 vegetarian meals per day, non alcoholic drinks, coffee / tea and healthy snacks.

Topics & Practices during the weekend

The Karezza Master-Class

During this master-class participants will be taken on an inspiring tantric journey,             a true embodied adventure.

This experience will be the metaphor for Oneness in Togetherness.

A journey that awakens all your senses, exploring with greater awareness and joy the mind and the body your feelings and your partner’s feelings will flow freely. Your heart centers will fully open.

The experience of profound intimacy, intense sensuality, tasting your pure and indomitable ego, exploring your deepest sensual wishes. Beautiful togetherness with your partner, Natural Ecstacy and Multiple Orgasms.

An experience the two of you will never forget.

A holy dance, for it takes two bodies and hearts to tango!

All this by sexual tantric exercise (Red KarezzaTantra), dynamic Kundalini meditations and ritual dance.

Teaching Program

 Day 1

Couples presenting themselves to the group.

Working with the energy streams and energy exchange between lovers.

Chakra weaving system.

Awakening the Fire breath system (mouth to mouth).

Heating the Central Channel (Sushuma, Prana Awakening) through fire breath while working with your partner.

Connecting the Chakra’s individually and as pair through effective visualization / meditation techniques.

Awakening the Kundalini fire with active dancing lotus fire, traditional lap dance for male and female.

Evening ritual: “Dance of the dolphins” experiencing a dolphin flow orgasm lying down with your partner and moving into a directed flow exercise.

Closing ritual: Tibetan lovers mantra.

Day 2

Special Tibetan yoga for lovers.

Evaluation day I.

Erotic visualization meditation.

Awakening the erotic senses!

Revitalizing the orgasmic system (spine energizing, orbits and pelvic awakening).

Expanding your orgasmic repertoire (15 possible orgasms for males, 17 possible orgasms for females).

Erotic Tibetan massage for couples.

Evening ritual: Flower essence bathing with your lover.

Tibetan tantric erotic massage for couples (foreplay) and ancient love positions.

Closing ritual: Tibetan sex mantra.

Day 3

Tibetan Yoga for Lovers.

Evaluation day II.

Transpersonal Love visualization meditation.

Introduction into transpersonal love-making / Quantum sex.

Expanding your orgasmic repertoire further.

Closing Orgasmic Ritual.

Closing dinner (optional).

In a safe, professional and respectful environment we introduce you into the essential principles of Ancient Tibetan Couple Tantra.

Practical requirements: It is useful if you bring your own yoga mat, bath towel, lungi (wrap) and bottle of scented massage oil.


From whom:

For partners only > 18, any gender, m/f, f/f, m/m, all sexual preferences, and occasional couples.


Teachings will be in English.

Number of participants/students:

Minimum number of participants:  14 Maximum number of participants: 18


Payment & Registration Conditions

Send us an email that you would like to register and with how many people: We send you a registration form with some details and questions. Fill out the form and email it back to our administrator: Elsa Bekker.

After admission:
The Master-Class needs to be paid to the Connection

Bank transfer:
ING Bank
IBAN: NL04 INGB 0004 2118 82
Please do not forget to mention “Tibetan Couple Tantra Retreat, Avignon”

Your registration and reservation are valid after payment only. You will receive a confirmation per email.

Closing date for registration: 2nd of September 2017


Historic and Beautiful Location in the South of France

chateau1 chateau2 chateau3

Experience a romantic top-class weekend by staying in this most wonderful historic chateau with its romantic bedrooms and bathrooms, a beautifully designed garden, outdoor swimming pool, classic dining room and much more to enjoy and experience. Enjoy the excellent food and lovely hosts!

Chateau St. Victor La Coste

2 Rue de Tour de L’Oume

St. –Victor – La – Coste

Rochefort du Gard

Tel: +33 6 73 23 96 12

For pictures and info look at the FaceBook webpage:

Background Information

On Tibetan Tantra
In Tibetan tantra we mainly weave our reality and learn through various physic experiences that nourish our feelings, our heart, our mind and our body.

In essence tantra is a true expression of our Love Soul.

Our true essence!

Through specific “Love etudes” and sexual exercises.

Tibetan couples learn to love each other forever and to produce an endless stream of love, ecstasy and love energy which also have a positive effect on the environment. This is called Quantum Sex or Transpersonal Love.

Love and Sex that transcend the personal romantic realm.

The infinite wisdom of our bodies is pure, honest and essential and brings us to an existential consciousness together with our partner.

From this ecstatic state, we learn to deal differently with physical intimacy, sensuality, sexuality and spirituality.

We are in full control of our desires and own them.

This experience will be the metaphor for Oneness in Togetherness.

Finally inducing our consciousness into the state of Enlightenment.


Short History of Tibetan Tantrism
From the 13th till the 16th century, Tantrism spread itself inside and outside Tibet. Many monasteries, schools and ashrams were established.
Because also the Tibetan empire shredded, the 5th Dalai Lama (Lozang Gyatso, 1617-1682) en his regent (Sangye Gyanatso, 1653-1705) decided to restructure Tibet entirely. Those changes concerned politics, society and religion.

The 4 greatest schools within tantrism (Kagyu, Nyingma, Sakya and Gelug) were invited to present their vision. It was the regent who examined all interpretations of the different schools during a period of 20 years and from those derived and composed a new school- the Kun-Nye. In order to do this, he based himself on the Ghvü Shi and the yoga’s of Naropa and he wrote an extensive commentary on those; Vadurya sngon-po (translated in English into ‘The Blue Beryl’)

In 1696 the medical high school Chagpori, the first Tibetan medical institute specialized in Medicine and Tantrism, was founded in addition to the Potala. Out of concern about the didactical clarity, that characterized his medical work, the regent had ordered the design and creation of a series of 79 large paintings, “the medical tanga”. These illustrate and symbolize the complete contents of his teachings.

Despite the intention that the Kun-Nye would become the new school within the Tibetan Tantrism, it never became as such. The 4 old schools continued their existence and Kun-Nye became more the overall vision that connected the interpretations of the 4 schools. De 7th Dalai Lama (Kelzang Gyatso, 1708-1757) did another attempt but when he realized that an overall current was more important than another 5th school, he withdrew further attempts.

The Kun-Nye therefore developed itself more and more as an interpretation free current, without dogma’s, rules or conditions. These were in fact already offered by the other schools. That is why the Kun-Nye could develop completely free; it even became a refuge for free thinking.

In the 20th century the tantrism in general but especially the Kun-Nye, got a sensitive blow. The communism in Russia, Mongolia and China and the Cultural Revolution had diminished the tantrism in mid of last century.

From the 80’s a current outside Tibet blossomed, but the wish for authenticity and identity made sure that the 4 original schools got all the attention. Luckily there were still “free spirits” that retained the Kum-Nye and gradually smaller ashrams in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri-Lanka came into existence where also these teachings were thought.

Classical and Neo Tantra

Tantra in the West has totally changed its purpose compared to classical tantric currents.

In the original territory, tantra is a holistic life vision that includes all aspects such as architecture, urban development, nutrition, education, health methods, care for the dying, art, schools, healing, social activities, and even eroticism.

Eroticism is a part of Tantra, but if one only wants to dedicate to eroticism without the desire for healing, transformation or for gaining insight, Tantra will rather remain an incomprehensive teaching and bring more unbalance then balance.

Prana and Kundalini

Prana: In essence everything on earth is built out of primary, vital, orgasmic energy, originated in and brought into existence by an infinite universe. Energy can move or transform but will never be lost.

The human as being and biological system has multiple (energy)bodies:

A physical body, an emotional body, an energetic body (amongst which the aura) and a spiritual body (the soul). By setting one body into motion (ie the physical body) also the other bodies will be set into motion. That is why massage is healthy and healing on all levels.

Prana, Ki or Chi flows freely through the entire human system (on the condition it is balanced). When blockages at emotional, mental or physical level arise, a narrowing or even shut-off appears, which causes the prana to flow less and less. This can lead to psychic imbalance and or a physical sick body. In the final stage even a numb body.

Kundalini:                    “YOUR MALE AND FEMALE PART UNITED IN LOVE”

Kundalini awakening is a physical and also an energetic force by which the vital life-force and the most pure and primal sexual energy merge together by stirring up the energetic body fire and lead to the so called Lightening Bolt (lightening) effect. It is truly like a cobra (snake) that raises superfast and results in an amazing, strong upward energy surge which is accompanied by insight, pain, pleasure, ecstasy and awareness.

Kundalini is an integral part of our energy system. The meaning of the Sanskrit word Kundalini is mostly described as the ‘rolled-up snake’. In any case, Kundalini energy must be developed gradually to ensure the expression of the spiritual potential of an individual.

The kundalini force is located approximately on the location of the Root chakra or base chakra (chakra 1) at the bottom of the spine.

Energy channel of snakes:

The energy channel through which the kundalini fire is propelled upwards, exists of a slightly larger energy channel in the middle, the Sushumna, also appointed as the Prana Tube or the Pillar of light. Which indicates it truly is about a real energetic channel. Two smaller snakes twist around it, the male snake or Pingala, and the female snake Ida, also called Shiva and Shakti (Hindu god and goddess). Both snakes and the main channel are called the Big Nadi’s, because mostly with the terminology Nadi’s the much smaller energy channels in the body, of which there are countless and by which the smallest parts of the body are foreseen of vital energy, are referred to.

Through the spine and the chakra’s:

The kundalini as energy channel is located in the spine and runs through all the chakra’s. Therefore, this channel is also connected to the aura and with the meridians of the acupuncture system and even the (small) nadi’s. The kundalini is therefore part of our entire energy system and also has an influence to it.

Kundalini: Connection between the male and the female, heaven and earth:

The kundalini force that awakens en starts to rise upwards, named Kundalini Awakening, is a vertical energy channel that runs from the root chakra to the Third Eye, crown chakra and above.

Think about the caduceus, which is the symbol for the Kundalini, out of which later on the Asclepius was derived. In this symbol, the male and female parts are represented by snakes, the rod represents the Prana Tube in the spinal column, and they end together in wings. When all three of the snakes meet each other in the Third Eye, then the Crown Chakra and above, and merge into each other, a permanent link is formed in those locations. This is both the link between the male and the female, the earth and the divine. It is also simultaneously the end of earth duality. The wings are hereby the symbol of unity and enlightenment.

Tibetan Tantra2

Physical and spiritual purification:

The kundalini transformation process also has got to do with purification and clearing physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual blockages. This goes particularly for clearing the chakra’s, but also the meridians, nadi’s and eventually every single body cell. This purification also needs to be done spiritually. So actually the clearing that is needed for every human being to spiritually develop, raise and enlighten. As a vertical channel the kundalini also indicates this movement. Think symbolically also about a Cobra snake that is encouraged by fakirs to rise completely.

Kundalini Crisis:

Because propelling the fire energy sometimes used to be done too much and too long by extreme yoga exercises, a so called Kundalini Crisis occurred from time to time. The blockages were forcedly cleared in a too short time span, faster than the spiritual development of the individual allowed it, which consequentially caused serious physical and emotional problems. With a clear energetic balancing this process will take place slow, careful and safe. A spiritual and or physical kundalini crisis is after all undesired.

Very rarely a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening takes place within a human being, which is often accompanied with a temporary period of craziness and or a prolonged physical weakness and medically inexplicable complaints. Logically this is also a kundalini crisis.

Tantra and spiritual sexuality

The kundalini has also got to do with tantra and spiritual sexuality. Tantra is among other things the way to convert duality in unity.

To transcend the personal and connect to the universal. This can also be connected to sexuality (although there are many forms of tantra that do not focus on sexuality). In tantric sexuality it is attempted to involve the soul with the body and connect physical joy to soul joy (=the Tibetan Karezza technique, or also called Dual Cultivation). Kundalini in the right dosage and stage of development can also contribute to enjoying sexuality and intimacy a lot more. Through the kundalini channel, also the primal sexual energy can be sent upwards en thus connected with each other’s spiritual energy, heart and soul.

Energetic development

The correct balancing of the kundalini force is an indispensable part of spiritual and energetic development.

Recommended is to do this balancing after the chakra clearing and chakra balancing (at least Chakra Harmony), because only then the kundalini balancing will have the maximum effect. Additionally, harmonizing both systems with each other will give a mutual improvement, so that the effectiveness for both will become much larger.

Yin & Yang

The Hinduistic tales about Shiva and Shakti (Parvati) match the Chinese model of Yin (=Shakti) and Yang (=Shiva).

In the West these two are often seen as each other’s opposites. This assumption is principally incorrect.

Yin and Yang indicate that nothing is absolute, but everything is relative. In everything one can find the one as the other and only the sum of all parts makes the perfect whole.

Night (Yin) is the period that the sun doesn’t shine. When the sun does shine, it is day (Yang). So Yang defines Yin and Yin defines Yang.

As the Zen Master Tang Wei wrote:       “If the body is calm, the soul wants to move.

                                                       If the body moves, the soul is calm.”

In the Tibetan Tantra they also work with the Yin and the Yang aspects, or the male and the female aspect. These principles are however translated to the divine properties Shiva (also Buddha, the Enlightened) and Shakti (also called Tara; in Tibetan = Dolma)

Yin is the female aspect, so Shakti (the holy Tara in Tibet) that runs upwards through the Ida nadi. Yang is the male aspect, so Shiva that runs downwards through the Pingala nadi, as describes before under the paragraph about kundalini.

With tantric practise or Kum-Nye massage mostly first Shiva is awakened and then Shakti (Tara, Parvati). When both energy flows exist in a reasonable balance they can be brought together and pure prana accumulates (vital life force). Only after lots of practice this results in a controllable kundalini power station.

Often the physical body starts to move, shake and tremble during a Kum-Nye massage. That is a sign that the prana starts to freely flow through the body. Also strong heat or cold can be experienced in different parts of the physical body.

If there is a clear imbalance between Shiva and Shakti, by which no tantric transformation can take place, then there is no prana en ultimately also no conscious kundalini transformation possible. In that case in the first place, the kalapa (energy blockage) that prevents it needs to be neutralized. In order to achieve this one works with the male (downward) or female (upward) energy flow. Such a trajectory has a clear therapeutic character and is also called Sweda.

Text and concept by Dr. Tara Long, April 2015, © all copyrights reserved!

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Your Tantra Dream Team

Dr. Tara Long – NL


I have been educated as a classical dancer, choreographer and neuroscientist in Amsterdam. In 2009 I obtained a Doctorate in Creation-process Psychology and in 2010 a doctorate in Integral Sexology.

I have been a tantric teacher and sex-surrogate since 2000. I was educated by Tibetan masters in Tantrayana since 1993.

I also trained with the Connection Academy for Advanced Erotology, (, and co-operated with ICASA (United Kingdom) and sexual shaman, Ray Stubbs, PhD from the United States among many other professionals in the tantric domain.

Since 2011 I am honored to be the Dean of the Rasayana Tantra Academy and the Love Academy, both institutes affiliated with the Connection Academy For Advanced Erotology and situated in Leiden, The Netherlands.

I am a Dutch citizen and work and live in the Amsterdam area. I am married and a proud mother of two daughters: 10 years old and 13 years old. Languages spoken: Dutch, English, German, French, Russian (fair).

I am a mentor, trainer and sex educator for adults, who want to enrich their sexual, intimate and relational scope, connect more profoundly to their sexual energy and develop their sexual, creative potential with greater awareness and joy.

I accept adult clients (18+) of all ages, genders and sexual orientation. I am highly analytical, however also highly intuitive in my work, body- and spiritual intelligent. I create an atmosphere of warmth, care, empathy and trust with clients of various ages, issues and genders.

As an international lecturer, tantric teacher and sexuality educator, I work from a transpersonal and integral perspective. I love to share my knowledge of western and eastern sexuality, my rich embodied sexual experience, my blissful energy, and last but not least my Love. My pragmatic and effective methods and training programs are well-known throughout Europe.


My sexological research includes multiple orgasmic experiences in men and women, female orgasm and empowerment, the revival of BDSM, Tantra Ethics, Neuroscience and Sexuality.


In 2013 I published the world’s first book on Integral and Transpersonal Sexology. ISBN: 978-1-291-60902-8

My Motto

Experiencing sexual intimacy and physical love is a human right, is God’s gift to mankind and one of the greatest presents you can offer yourself. Choose for abundance, happiness, intimacy and true connection now! Let your life become fully orgasmic and creative, make use of your sexual energy and capacity. Live it to the MAX!

Please, ask me about sessions and presentations in your area. I also facilitate sacred sexuality experiences and sexual rituals internationally.


Text and concept by Dr. Tara Long, March © 2017, all copyrights reserved!

Please note: all content and text in this brochure is intellectual property of the author, Dr. Tara Long.

No part of this content or the therein expressed ideas and / or concepts may be reproduced, used, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical or photocopying, recording or any other manner, without the prior written consent of the author of this brochure. Also acquisition of (parts of) the content in edited form is not permitted!

Certified Tibetan Tantrayana Teacher, Shamanic Healer, Integral and Somatic Sexologist & Sex Surrogate Partner
The Netherlands, Amsterdam area | PH: +31 (0)6 499 87 435
Skype: TantraTara

Websites:  /

Your Tantra Dream Team

Martin Jelfs – UK

Tibetan Tantra3

I started studying tantra in the late 1980’s in Nepal and later with Western teachers from 1995. In 1998 I set up Transcendence to run tantra workshops; particularly working with committed couples.

For over thirty years I have worked as a psychotherapist and taught on counselling courses. I have specialised in body and energy psychotherapy and am writing a book to be published next year; Tantric Psychotherapy which combines tantra with psychotherapy. I also practice and teach tantric massage and have practised this for ten years.

I have two sons in their 30’s and two grandchildren. I have travelled several times to India studying tantra and yoga for periods of up to three months.

BSc. MA, UKCP Reg. Psychotherapist
United Kingdom, Wiltshire | PH: +44 (0)79 73 504 121
Skype: martinjelfs


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