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img_accreditationFirst, filling out an application form and scheduling a (Skype) interview with the Dean, Dr. Tara Long. Send us an e-mail: or download the application form.

If a student wishes to enroll for the ‘ à la carte ‘ system, there will be after registration and payment of tuition a comprehensive intake interview with the student counselor to estimate the student’s level and former professional experiences.

During the intake session is discussed what the relevant training and previous professional experience are of the prospect student. Also what the student’s wishes and expectations are about the (‘ à la carte ‘ or regular) tantra-training program. How the student wants to develop professionally eventually, after this training, as a graduate and tantric professional, etc..

Based on this interview and student report, an individual learning plan is designed, aimed, as closely as possible, to the needs and learning goals of the individual student.

We advise all prospect students to take part in an introduction weekend.

1st Year Tuition Fees
The ‘à la Carte’ student pays considerably less tuition than the student who follows the regular learning system.

The tuition fee for the ‘à la Carte ” students will be € 2.500, – per academic year. Please note: In this price supervision sessions, mentor sessions, travelling costs, meals and overnight stays are not included.

For the regular students we have composed an all-in tuition fee, € 3.950, – per academic year. In this price meals, conference tickets, supervision and mentoring are included. Please note: overnight stays and travelling costs are not included. This tuition can be paid in installments: 1st installment € 2500,-, 2nd installment: € 725,-, 3rd installment: € 725,-

In case a student quits studies during the year, there will be no refund of earlier paid tuition fees! Full payment of tuition needs to be met at any time!

In case of illness or other serious circumstances, a student gets a fair chance to catch up with the missed courses another year. A student needs to apply officially for suspension of studies at the Connection University Examination Board. The board will decide if suspension is awarded. The board’s decision is binding and cannot be appealed against.

Study Guide
The study guide, training regulations, examination regulations and the 1st half year planning of the curriculum will be handed to the individual student after completed registration and acceptance. This takes place after talking with the student counselor and approval of the individual curriculum by the academy board. In the study guide one can find descriptions of the courses, subjects, goals, several key features and examination requirements for each subject listed. You will also find the CV’s of the various teachers and lists of the compulsory literature.
You will also receive the required reading list for the first year, about 10 textbooks. Some books / articles you will get from us sent or linked to you. Others you should buy yourself and at your own expenses.

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