History & Mission

Background and Context

Proudly, the Connection Academy presents the first Europen accredited tantra professional training in the world:

The Rasayana Tantra Academy, a tantric academy, established in The Netherlands

In 2008 the idea was born to establish Europe’s first tantric academy. From September 2012, after we had accomplished our international accreditations, we created an unique professional tantra training program with a classroom instruction system and online curriculum.

Rasayana is a Sanskrit word that in essence means elixir of life

The Connection Academy for Advanced Erotology trains diverse talented professionals, who in turn coach clients in order that they can experience more love, connection, health and happiness in their lives and intimate relationships.

With the establishment of this educational institute we would like to be the real ambassador of the reconnection of love, sexuality and intimacy on the highest possible level of our consciousness and existence. In this way we hope to make a modest contribution for a better and more peaceful world where people live who can feel connected deeply with themselves, their lovers, their social environment and nature that surrounds them. People who take full responsibility for their (love) actions.

In the Netherlands the development of the profession of tantra has been stormy the last years. A lot of tantric masseurs and trainers have started recently. But the most are not really schooled as a true tantric. They have not had a chance to study with tantric master for years, nor had a thorough tantric training elsewhere. From our experience it is known that what is now happening in the current tantric profession in the Netherlands and other European countries is detrimental to the essence of wisdom of tantra.

Our mission, Our Vision

Our societal mission is establishing Tantra as a science of the here and now. Especially in our western society. Tantric exercises contribute to a more conscious Being and conscious living on different levels in loving connection with the other and our surrounding world. Because only in this loving connection we truly experience happiness. Tantra lets us experience what we are: we are essentially One.

Our professional vision is to professionalize Tantra in the Netherlands, Europe and further. A lot of tantric schools are recently emerging. In itself this would be nice, but often Tantra is given by amateurs, with good intentions, but too little knowledge and experience of Tantra and tantric science.

Tantra is a serious philosophy of consciousness with divers aspects. You cannot learn Tantra in a weekend or even a training of a year. As you become a tantra professional you will seriously study modern tantric variants and philosophies and also classic forms of Tantra. Tantra is not only about knowledge for the mind but especially embodied knowledge and experience. Our body is an unknown source of wisdom, beauty and a temple for our soul. Learning through the body is one of the fundamental starting points of the Rasayana Tantra Academy

The education of the Rasayana Tantra academy is broad. Different essential movements and visions about tantra, tantric exercises and tantric massage will be covered. Students will have broad knowledge and abilities when they have successfully completed their tantric education.

Besides this we also teach students therapeutic communication techniques? and methodologies from psychology and sexology to optimally prepare them as tantric therapists. Besides knowledge and skills, the development of a professional attitude and ethics is an important part of the education.

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