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Your Future profession and Indications of Monthly Salaries

Tantra is a special way of living and at least a passion to share with others. By exploring tantra you will surely work on your personal development and growth. Learning the profession and developing yourself deeply go hand in hand with our training.

The first year educates to professional and certified tantra masseur (practitioners level). As tantra masseur you can start you own practice and you can organize group massage workshops. A professional schooled tantra masseur/masseuse earns full time about 2400 Euros gross income a month

It is possible to continue and learn for tantra trainer/coach (BA level). The tantra trainer can offer clients personal coaching session on tantra, intimacy and sexuality from an integral and transpersonal perspective. Besides this it is possible to organize workshops for professional organizations and private individuals. A tantra trainer earns fulltime about 3200 Euros gross income a month.

After this it is possible to specialize for Tantra Counseling and Tantra Science on academic level. With the master counseling it is permitted to give individual coaching session to clients, but also to teach under-gradute tantra students.

A graduated student in Tantra Science is equipped to perform scientific research on Tantra (history, theory, philosophy and methodology), intercultural aspects of intimacy and sexuality according the TAO. This all with an integral and transpersonal methodology and philosophy

A tantra counselor or a Science Master earns at average 3900 Euros gross income a month.

It is also very well possible to combine tantra work with another job and work part-time or even some hours a week. Doing this it is easy to earn a nice extra income of at least 1000 Euros a month.

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