accredited-degree-smallOur courses are internationally accredited by an US accreditation agency connected to different universities in and outside of America.

The US ministry of foreign affairs in cooperation with the US ministry of Education will sign to approve the diplomas valid. This means that the diploma is internationally recognized.

After successful completion of the 2nd year final exam you will have the title Bachelor (BA-ITS), or in case of tantra counselor or Master of Science training the title Master (M-ITS). These titles are copyrighted by the Connection.

There are extra costs involved with the international accreditation procedure.

Moreover, all Connection Academy’s diplomas are certified by the Connection / the Coniugium, professional union. Graduated student can register with our European professional register for professionals in complementary, integral and transpersonal sexological therapy and care. Initially it is possible to register as aspiring member, after three years as aspiring member it is possible to register as a registered member.

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