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The Connection Academy of Advanced Erotology is the first academic institute in the world that studies the philosophy and art of love and love-making from an integral, transpersonal, intercultural and multiple academic perspective.

This includes the systemic and academic study of (cross)-cultural theories on love & love-making, intimate human relationships, human sexuality, gender, Tantric science and Tantric practice, the Tao of sexuality and many other theories and advanced techniques.

We imagine that we need to be loved and recognized as a totally unique being, as an entity separate from the common mortal by our greatness, and this also is a distorted translation of an essential need, the need to be recognized as non-separate from the world, as a stream of love independent of an elevated ego.


Why Love Matters

Love matters, more than ever before! In the last decades true love and intimate human connections have been neglected subjects in our western society. However, love between and or among people is one of the greatest human experiences. The power of love can awaken the ultimate human potential as a human and as a spiritual being. Love is by nature completely unselfish.

In more than one aspect we live disconnected from our primary, natural source: LOVE. However, as the Beatles sang: “All we need is love. Love is all we need.”

Love energy is one of the most elementary forces in our human existence. This force is in fact just as real as gravity. Genuine love is an energy that arises when your sense of identity expands beyond the self. From this perspective you do not deserve love, you are Love! Love is our essence and thus the essence of the universe and the Divine.

Love is also a human right. Every human being has the right to love and to be loved. Living without love and not being acknowledged in our love can be deeply painful for people. We need the presence of love in our lives, and yes, we also need the expression of physical love and intimacy in order to grow and develop healthy and happily as human beings.

Young infants who suffer a very serious lack of physical contact and love might die. Infants who do not receive enough loving care and affective physical contact, show a mal development emotionally, cognitively and physically.

Most people in western societies are love-sick, love-starved or even love-intoxicated. Superfluous attention is given to lustful sexuality. Our modern media culture relates with this development. The advertisement – and entertainment industry show us millions of sexually tinted, mostly heterosexual images, hardly any loving and sensual intimate pictures or movies. Not to speak about the porn industry. In recent decades by the advent of the Internet has grown enormously.

Genuine love and relational intimacy are seen as non-sexy subjects that almost are paid no attention to in public for the last thirty years. The true connection between loving intimacy and sex is almost totally neglected in our western up-bringing. Children are raised in human biology and sex, but rarely get lessons in love.

Social sexological research shows that more than a million people of the Dutch adult population suffer from serious sexual – and or relationship problems. In Great Britain this is even a higher percentage of people that do have sexual and relationship problems. Foremost, for this group of people professional and loving care has become almost a necessity. In adult life it seems to be a hazardous task for many couples to stay sexually and intimately connected in a satisfactory way. Women may suffer from sexual blockages and vaginismus due to sexual abuse in their childhood or traumatic child births. Men may become sex addicts surfing the internet for hours in order to find the ‘ultimate’ sexual kicks and sexual satisfaction.

It may also happen that during long-term intimate relationships partners look elsewhere for their sexual satisfaction and connection, because of relational boredom and lack of interest in each other. Having ex-marital affairs is not uncommon these days. Even serial monogamy is frequent.

‘ What often passes for love in marriages, or other long term romantic relationships, is actually a negotiated truth in the war between the sexes. Men and women need each other to reproduce and often rely upon the other for sex, romantic excitement, and support of various kinds. There are happy exceptions, but trust, respect, and honest communication between men and women have not been the norm for a long, long time. … We are so thoroughly indoctrinated to believe that romance, sexual attraction, dependency, and power dynamics are a satisfactory basis for love that we never question this erroneous assumption! Both domination and submission attract love’s opposite, namely resentment and separation’. (Anapol, 2005) (1).

Therefore, the percentage of divorces is very high in the West. Serial monogamy became a world-wide trend.

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Through social isolation and lack of sexual education, there is growing group of people that had not even one change to be in a loving, caring, intimate and sexual relationship.  Against their wish, these people are socially and sexually disconnected, inexperienced and suffer from serious sexual and intimate clumsiness. They keep this fact as a big secret, for sexual inexperience is a taboo in our society, especially for men.

It turns out that clinical sexologists do not always offer the sexological treatments that satisfy the client’s needs. Some clients are looking for more practical and pragmatic forms of sexual education and training. Others want to explore more spiritual forms of intimacy and sexuality, such as Sexual Mindfulness or Tantra, which are not addressed by clinical sexologists at all.

The Connection Academy for Advanced Erotology trains various talented professionals that in turn will educate and coach people towards more healthiness and happiness in their intimate, loving relationships and will assist people in developing their autonomous sexuality. That would mean a perception of sexuality from within outward focus and not from outside in.

Our students are taught by internationally recognized professors, lecturers and teachers-experts, who will help ensure the necessary quality and depth. Our training is internationally accredited by an international accreditation agency.

By initiating this 21st century educational institute, that is a true ambassador for the reconnection of love, sex and intimacy on the highest possible level of our consciousness and our existence, we hope to contribute to a better and more peaceful world, where people live (re)connected with themselves, with their loved ones, with their social surrounding and with nature itself, taking full responsibility for their (love) actions.

Dr. Tara Long, Dean Connection Academy, February 2013.

1)  In: Anapol, D., The Seven Natural Laws of Love, 2005, Santa Rosa (US): Elite Books.

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